Monday, June 24, 2013

Small wheels. Big City.

We invited 16 people to go with us to CicLAvia on June 23rd to explore the iconic Wilshire blvd in downtown LA. We rode on the early Metrolink train from Oceanside. The only recollection I and most people have about Wilshire blvd is that it is dominated and congested with motor vehicles. It is very inhospitable to bicyclists. The air is very toxic due to exhaust. And it is loud. I know because I rode my bike (on the wide sidewalk)the ten miles from Wilshire and Western to Santa Monica last year. I eventually took the side streets south of Wilshire because the fumes were so toxic. But last Sunday was an eye opener: people on bikes, skates, unicycles, and on foot enjoyed a car free Wilshire boulevard.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monkey and doggie hanging out

Just went out for an evening ride and dinner. Our dog jumped into the pannier basket with excitement.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The hidden potential of a cycle path

I enjoy riding along the San Luis River multi-use path. It gives me a relief from busy roads with motor vehicles whizzing by at 35-60 mph. On the other hand, this design puts the trail away from major destinations. Why couldn't we link this to local cafes and stores along the route?

The recent SANDAG presentation for the Inland Rail Trail MUP is even worse and not user friendly. Due to rail line rules and private property lines, chain link fences to the right and left trap intended users. This prevents intended users from getting to various destinations like the local store, cafe, or restaurant. The suggested path looks very out dated. The modern separated cycle track designs makes more sense. It connects people to their destination, it improves local economy, and builds a stronger town.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Utilimate Cargo Storage bags

I had these Utilimate Storage bags and fits well on a long tail cargo bike. These bags are more affordable than the standard Xtracycle and Yuba cargo bags.

When the storage bag is empty then I can hook up standard pannier bags. The Utilimate has four bungee cords with a metal hook.

Riding with Vintage Bike Enthusiasts

We visited the monthly Cyclone Coaster Vintage bike ride which occurs every first Sunday in Long Beach. It was amazing to see many restored or not; pre and post war cruisers. There were also many newer beach cruisers and comfort bikes at the ride. In fact anybody on any bicycle is welcome to join this free event. The pace is slow, very social, and family friendly