Monday, June 15, 2015

Changing times and changing needs. We're selling our amazing CycleTruck front loading cargobike with a bipartible.

Update: June 28, 2015. This Cycle Truck has found a new home back in Sacramento.

So I plan to head up to Sacramento to pick up a Cycle Truck Caddy Rack very soon. So I wanted to announce that I plan to sell our amazing Cycle Truck front loading cargobike because the new Cycle Truck Beavertail suits our family needs just fine. The bipartible frame has a clear coated paint. Read the previous blog for more details; check out my Velograteful Facebook page and Flikr site for photos. I prefer to sell it complete and deliver it to you in Sacramento. So if you are interested please message me at velograteful at gmail. This bike is great if you plan to haul your kids and dogs to the park, school or store. It is a fun and effective workout vehicle that integrates well with an active and healthy lifestyle.

Hauling garden soil and our pups

Hauling an 8 foot by 11.5 inches red oak plank

Hauling old computers to the local re-cycle center

Hauling three 5 gallon water jugs and our pups

Each jug filled with Carlsbad artisan water weighs 40 lbs. Total payload with pups and me is 300 lbs.

Carry small shelves that can be used as picnic or work table top.

Hauling stuff for a bike picnic at CicloSDias

Hauled three folded Bromptons to meet up with the family for a sunday bike ride.

 Transport an Ogre

 or just transport your precious pups

Check out the Sacramento Cargo Bike Race community on FB where you can see different Cycle Trucks and cargobikes on the move hauling kids, pumpkins, and more.