Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mobile office and puppy carrier

I loaded the Cycle Trucks Beavertail with my workbag, puppies, and home made snacks and drinks. We enjoyed the urban outdoors by the beach while I get thru some online training.

Friday, September 4, 2015

A night of exploration in downtown San Diego

Tuesday evenings is a night out for me. Usually, I join an Urban Bike & Social club to catch up with friends for Taco Tuesday. This week I took my pups and the Big Dummy on a slow exploration ride from Balboa Park,Quartyard, East Village, Petco Park, SD Harbor, Seaport Village, SD Waterfront Park, Little Italy, then back to Balboa Park. All these places are walkable and bikable. I estimate that everything is within a 2 mile radius. I rode slow enough to enjoy and experience the urban landscape. I stopped often and walked to further check out a store, playground, etc. It was really about slowing the pace of the evening.

Plaza de Panama in Balboa Park used to be a parking lot for cars until a few years ago. Now it is for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy. Select museums are free on Tuesdays if you are a resident in San Diego.

The rush hour slow hour anywhere USA

I had a Burritto from a Taco Truck and got a drink from Messhuggah Shack at The Quartyard in East Village. I stayed there for two hours. I played chess, talked to other dog owners at the small dog park, played giant Jenga, tossed bean bags, listened to the surround sound music that masked downtown traffic. 

Some people walked in wearing their favorite baseball team jerseys and talked about the baseball game playing at Petco Park that was a few blocks away. So we rolled there after dinner and watched a few minutes of baseball on the giant screen from tue nearby park. This small establishment caught my attention.

Near Petco park was Seaport Village and SD Harbor were people stroll, jog, bike and dine. This amazing yatch has the blue glow lights under water. It is docked behind the SD Convention Center.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Xtracycle Hooptie

Last weekend I installed the Hooptie on the Cycle Truck Beavertail. Although, it was primarily designed for child security, it works great keeping other loads secure. Here are a few examples:

Great thanks to Micheal at North County Bicycles in Carlsbad, CA for carrying the Xtracycle brand.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Haulin' a Guava Tree

Look! look! There is a tree on that bike! 

This was quite an ice breaker at the farmers' market and people were curious enough to stop and watch me load thr guava tree on the Surly Big Dummy cargo bike.

I also got many thumbs up from pick up truck drivers. For a cargobike this is another extraordinary day!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Changing times and changing needs. We're selling our amazing CycleTruck front loading cargobike with a bipartible.

Update: June 28, 2015. This Cycle Truck has found a new home back in Sacramento.

So I plan to head up to Sacramento to pick up a Cycle Truck Caddy Rack very soon. So I wanted to announce that I plan to sell our amazing Cycle Truck front loading cargobike because the new Cycle Truck Beavertail suits our family needs just fine. The bipartible frame has a clear coated paint. Read the previous blog for more details; check out my Velograteful Facebook page and Flikr site for photos. I prefer to sell it complete and deliver it to you in Sacramento. So if you are interested please message me at velograteful at gmail. This bike is great if you plan to haul your kids and dogs to the park, school or store. It is a fun and effective workout vehicle that integrates well with an active and healthy lifestyle.

Hauling garden soil and our pups

Hauling an 8 foot by 11.5 inches red oak plank

Hauling old computers to the local re-cycle center

Hauling three 5 gallon water jugs and our pups

Each jug filled with Carlsbad artisan water weighs 40 lbs. Total payload with pups and me is 300 lbs.

Carry small shelves that can be used as picnic or work table top.

Hauling stuff for a bike picnic at CicloSDias

Hauled three folded Bromptons to meet up with the family for a sunday bike ride.

 Transport an Ogre

 or just transport your precious pups

Check out the Sacramento Cargo Bike Race community on FB where you can see different Cycle Trucks and cargobikes on the move hauling kids, pumpkins, and more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cycle Truck Front Loading Cargo Bike

Meet "The Ogre." 

I ordered the frame set from Cycle Trucks designer and builder John Lucas in West Sacramento. There was an eight month wait time but it was worth it. During that time I found another family that would enjoy the Dutch Bakfiet. It was a great bike but I needed something I can customize and with a bipartible frame.

The bronze weld and finish look amazing that several of my friends recommended a clear coat finish. Adding a dark brown Brooks B67 saddle and painting the treated birchwood deck in dark walnut gave the bike a vintage and industrial look.

It is very easy to ride and maneuver. The slick balloon tires gives it a smooth ride. It has a 40 and 30 tooth front chain ring and a Nexus 7 speed internal geared hub. I had few people ride it for the first time. And they rode it like a regular bike. They were surprised how easy it was to ride.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

BOB Trailer and DIY PVC Surfboard rack

Very compact surfboard and beach gear hauler. The PVC surfboard rack is well made. I hope it inspires you to carry more with your bike.