Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Post

Expressing gratitude for the multimodal commute

Living and working near the coastal towns of San Diego has these benefits. The towns are very alluring and scenic. Imagine a commute this beautiful. I choose this over the freeway.
The beach in Del Mar,CA is absolutely beautiful.
My trusty 2008 arctic blue Brompton M6L enables me to commute in many ways to make the work week more interesting. An example would be
  • car + bike
  • bike + train + bike
  • car + train + bike
The Brompton has become the go-to bike because of the integrated and quick-release commuter cargo bag. It is perfect for laptops, small tool set, lunch, and a light jacket. Moreover, I can take it inside the building and place it under the desk or small corner. Most of the time I use the rain cover to conceal it. These bikes attract too much attention and curiosity.

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