Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bikes At Work Cargo Trailer

I received the 96A Bikes At Work trailer just before Christmas. It took about under two hours to assemble the trailer; the assembly instructions were well written. Since I needed the trailer to maneuver tight corners inside the storage unit I built the trailer as a 64A for now.

Of course, I was eager to put it to work. So I loaded it with 12 cargo bins that probably weighed nearly 200 lbs. I made about ten subsequent trips with much lighter loads that were all bike related gear and parts.

It felt amazing not to "load the cargo van, drive to storage, and unload the van at the storage unit." I simply loaded the trailer securely, ride under a mile, go straight to the storage door and elevator, then unload in front of the storage space.

BAW Trailer in a box

BAW Trailer in a box

BAW 96A trailer setup.

First load immediately after trailer assembly. I used a classic chromoly frame Trek Mixte as the work bike. I got the bike from a local thrift store. It is always good to have a beater bike handy for tasks like these. Especially, when I am still learning how to use the trailer.

Bike and loaded trailer inside a cargo elevator.
Over the years of moving I got tired of boxes. I found that Commercial 12 Gallon Totes (MonoFlo or Tuff Crate) fit my need of moving, transport, and indoor storage and organizing. These commercial totes can be stacked high up to ten at a time depending on total weight; it stacks neatly when empty. More details about the tote bins here

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