Monday, January 7, 2013

Ojai Valley Bicycle Trail

Ojai Valley Trail from Ojai Valley to Ventura.

New year's eve ride took us along the scenic Ojai Valley Bicycle trail. The trail is approximately 16 miles from Ventura Main street to the idyllic town of Ojai. The trail is under half a mile from the Ventura Amtrak Station (link to bicycling directions). There are campsites close to the trail and we plan to explore that in the future. Parts of this rail trail runs parallel with Hwy 33. We experienced the high contrast between riding beside Hwy 33 and the quiet hill side, amazing vista, and serene neighborhoods and parks. The view is just amazing. I highly recommend to start the ride from Ventura with the gentle grade uphill to Ojai. Have lunch. Then be rewarded with a nice downhill back to Ventura. Foster Park is also a good place to start the ride. I noticed several cars parked under a bridge rather than pay the $4 weekend parking fee in the park.

There were snow capped mountains looking to the east as we leisurely rode our Bike Fridays on the quiet paths.

We saw many families with kids on the trail. As well as groups of spandex clad roadies. There were many couples along the route going out on a picnic and day ride.

We stopped by at Bart's Outdoor bookstore to relax. You can bring in your bike inside. In the past, I have seen locals parked their bikes like shown above unattended and unlocked. It is a small quiet town after all.

I think we pedaled harder downhill because of the afternoon breeze from the west

It was a beautiful day. We couldn't think of any other way to end the year and welcome another. We are very grateful and thankful indeed.

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