Sunday, April 7, 2013

O honey, could you go to the store and pick up....

Do you automatically reach for the car keys just to get a few items from the market? There are several options to going to the market. Of course, you have control over your time, when, and how to do this: walk bike,etc.

If I choose to ride a bicycle then I get some exercise, fresh air, and sunshine. I get to experience and explore the neighborhood and perhaps meet people along the way. In the long term this saves me from gym memberships, fueling the car, and is more integrated with my active lifestyle. Again, this takes some adjustment and planning. Start with where you are. You could park at the nearby library then ride a couple of blocks, get some groceries, then ride back to your car.

Sometimes I see a neighbor driving to the market. Since I didn't have to look for parking we arrive at the market at the same time. Today, one of my neighbors drove his Jeep Wrangler to the market. He mentioned that the Box bike was too big to ride just to get a few things. Think about this; the Bakfietsen (box bike) is about 90 pounds while the Jeep is over 4000 pounds.

There are many alternatives to going to the market.I took this photo of a regular bicycle, the cargo bike, and a motorcycle. Of course, walking is also a healthy alternative.

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