Monday, April 1, 2013

Riding with Kids

We had an opportunity to join in the kids bike ride sans kid on a Sunday.

At Coronado Island Ferry waiting for the crew to arrive

One of the many stops to let the kids play. Frequent stops is a must have for a kids ride. It is not much the destination that counts but the sites and scenes experienced along the journey that makes the trip worth while.

These kids were on high octane this morning. I wonder that they had for breakfast.

Some kids were still too young to ride on their own. So parents had them on kiddie seats and tag-along-trailer or child trailer.

Isn't it nice to have this separated cyclepath in Coronado. All cities must have them. If not for the local residents and children build it for the European tourists. 

Several kids test riding the Brompton folding bikes.

Doggie harness using the Brompton shopping bag handles. It was a terrific day.

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